Uniforms of the 16th Queen's Light Dragoons 1777-1783

Regulations for the Clothing of the 16th Queen's Light Dragoons as per the Royal Warrant for Light Dragoons. (The complete Royal Warrant from the Discipline of the Light Horse by Hinde will can be available at a later date)

Buttons: The number of the regiment to be on the buttons of all ranks. The initial letters of the title of the Royal Regiments to be on the button.

The Coats of the 16th are red, faced with blue wool. The buttons, in pairs, are set on length- way along the arms. Lapels, cuffs and collar are of blue wool. The lace of the the light dragoons is white wool worsted. (In the infantry this is relegated to Serjeants only.)

Waistcoats, breeches and coat lining are white.

The helmet is made of leather with a bearskin crest with a painted leopard turban.

Gaiters are of brown wool with a hard leather top to protect the knees.

The Rawles pattern cartridge box is worn on the right hip suspended by a white buff belt. (Mounted troopers of the 16th wore their box on the left side.)

The haversack and water flask (canteen) are carried on natural leather straps for ease of use and adjustability.

The waist belt supports the bayonet frog which is on the left side.

A mantua or short cape of red wool was issued for cold or rainy weather.

  • Helmet: leather, bearskin crest, faux leopard turban and chains, and red and white hackle. A hair fall or wig is required if your hair is not long enough to be clubbed.
  • Uniform Coat; Red, faced with blue,wool.
  • Shirt: White linen or cotton.
  • Neck stock: leather or horse hair with brass buckle.
  • Small clothes: breeches: of white linen or wool & Waistcoat of white linen or wool.
  • Stockings: white wool or cotton.
  • Shoe: with brass buckles.
  • Gaiters: (brown wool) and Gaiter Tops: brown leather - garter straps.
  • Waist belt and frog: white buff leather.
  • Rawles Cartridge Box and Strap
  • Mantua (cape): red wool.
  • Haversack; white linen with leather strap
  • Water bottle (flask): tin, blue wool covered, with leather strap.
  • Forage cap: red and blue wool
  • Pick and Brush: as well as musket tool and cleaning equipment for musket or rifle.
  • Wedge Tent: Cavalry pattern, white canvas, with tent poles
  • Water deck: blue water proof canvas tarp to protect man or equipment and as ground cloth.
  • Knapsack: canvas with buff straps.
  • Sleeping gear, blankets or sleeping bag