10 August, 2011

The 16th has arrive back from OSV alive, safely, and somewhat wet. Everyone had a fun time at the event, even with the down pour that occur on Sunday. Some high notes of the event were the chance to flank the rebel forces by crossing a river bed, enjoying the evening with friends that we haven't seen in a long time, and capturing a rebel Ensign. Photos from the event should be going up in time. Next 16th event is at Fort Ti. See you there. ~ Trooper Fuhrmann

P.S. I found a humorous statement on Wikipedia under the Trooper. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

"Cavalry Troopers are generally considered to be socially a cut above other soldiers... This historically superior social position is humorously referenced today in the Australian Army, where cavalry Troopers jokingly define their role as: "The role of the Cavalry is to add colour, dash and daring, to what would otherwise be a mindless s***fight amongst grunts". In the British Army the equivalent phrase is "adding tone to what would otherwise be just a vulgar brawl"." End quote. (wikipedia.org Trooper (Rank) page)

08 July, 2011

The schedule for the weekend follows. This is fully integrated with the Continental Line and their major activities are shown as well.

There is no budget for registration packets. I have put a pdf copy of the schedule up in the CrownForces Yahoo Group files, at:
Feel free to download that if you want to print a copy for yourself or for members of your unit.

This is a battle rich weekend. Note that there are three all-up, full-scale battles, starting at 11AM on Saturday. These are a series, with each picking up where the prior one leaves off.

We are also scheduling a night battle, at 10PM or 11PM on Saturday. This is optional and units can participate if they wish. We are expecting a balmy evening brightly lit with a full moon and exceptional clarity. If the weather fails us, we will scratch this. The scenario will be a British Light Column falling on Wayne's battalion at Paoli. Expect Wayne's troops to be more alert this time. The musketry & cannon fire should be a spectacle!!

Each unit may also participate in one or more of the Small Unit Missions. Three of these are Woods Walk Ambushes. In these, a Rebel column moving through the woods escorting refugees will be ambushed. The refugees will be managable numbers of visiting public, closely controlled, with the action never approaching close to them. The first of these is at 10:30AM. Commanded by Peter Ferwerda with Scott Patterson as 2IC, the force will be all of Scott's 3rd Brigade rangers, native warriors, and skirmishers. (They will then have to scurry to position for the 11AM battle). The other two Woods Walk Ambushes will have different units assigned under Peter.

The other small unit missions will be a mixed bag of events that occurred in the valley in 1778. These should be about 30 minute actions. In the first (perhaps), the line battalion of the 1st Brigade will be sent out to find a column of loyalist refugees and escort them safely back to camp, fending off a Rebel attack in the process. Each of the others will have a set scenario, and provide a continuous series of events during the day for the visiting public to see and for us to enjoy. Units that wish to do more than one of these should contact me. Otherwise, I will ensure that units have only one such assignment and are not over-scheduled.

per order,
Michael Grenier
CEO & Commander, The British Brigade

05 July, 2011

We just finished  with a small event at Clermont State Historical Site. We really enjoyed the Fourth of July, hung out with the 1st Ulster Militia, and had fun with the audience and went into heavy recruiting mode. In a week, we'll be off to Wyoming, Pennsylvania for the Wyoming Massacre on the 16th and 17th. If you in the area, stop by and say hello. ~ Trooper Ralph

27 June, 2011

Picture Page Updated

After sitting down in front of the computer for about four hours, I have finally finish updating the Picture Page of the website. I’ve created an account with photobucket to host all the main pictures of the 16th (took most of those hours to go through facebook profiles and hard drives) and adjusted the page to include the links to the individual albums. Now, we have a system that (should) be easy to update. So, check out the pictures.  ~ Trooper Fuhrmann