10 August, 2011

The 16th has arrive back from OSV alive, safely, and somewhat wet. Everyone had a fun time at the event, even with the down pour that occur on Sunday. Some high notes of the event were the chance to flank the rebel forces by crossing a river bed, enjoying the evening with friends that we haven't seen in a long time, and capturing a rebel Ensign. Photos from the event should be going up in time. Next 16th event is at Fort Ti. See you there. ~ Trooper Fuhrmann

P.S. I found a humorous statement on Wikipedia under the Trooper. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

"Cavalry Troopers are generally considered to be socially a cut above other soldiers... This historically superior social position is humorously referenced today in the Australian Army, where cavalry Troopers jokingly define their role as: "The role of the Cavalry is to add colour, dash and daring, to what would otherwise be a mindless s***fight amongst grunts". In the British Army the equivalent phrase is "adding tone to what would otherwise be just a vulgar brawl"." End quote. (wikipedia.org Trooper (Rank) page)

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